Citizens of some countries require a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) – commonly called an “Entry Visa” – to enter Canada. You can check the CIC website for the list of countries that require a TRV to enter Canada, in addition to a study or work permit. Often, your TRV is issued together with your first study permit, and will likely have the same expiry date as your Study Permit. . Application forms and guidelines to apply for a TRV can be downloaded from the CIC website.

 You can apply in Canada if you are:

  • A legally admitted temporary resident (student or temporary foreign worker only) in Canada with a Canadian residential address,
  • your current temporary resident status is still valid, and your existing counterfoil is expired and/or was valid for only one entry, and
  • you require a new temporary resident visa to return to Canada in the near future.


To complete your application package, you need to:

1) Complete the application forms

a) Fill out the on-line Application form [IMM 5257E]
b) Click the validation button to validate your application form. A page of bar codes will be generated after validating (5th page of the application).
c) Print and sign your application form.

2) Complete the Family Information form [IMM 5645] (make sure to complete all boxes for each person — top and bottom!)

3) Print, review and complete the general document checklist [IMM 5721E]. The documents that you will need to collect for this checklist include (but are not limited to):

  • fee payment of $75 (single entry) or $150 (multiple entry);CPP-O only accepts payment online or through a financial institution in Canada. Note that CPP-O will not take any other forms of payment, including money orders, certified cheques, bank drafts, etc.
  • your original passport (remove & keep your study permit)
  • two passport photos (write your name and date of birth at back)
  • a photocopy of your current study permit
  • original transcripts (ordered through ROSI)
  • a status letter (ordered through the Registrars Office for $7.00)
  • any additional documents that apply to your case

3) Print, review and complete the  checklist.

4) Contact the ISC to make an appointment to have an Advisor review your documents with you

5) Make yourself a scan or photocopy of all of the documents that you will be submitting (for your records)

6) Send your completed package via traceable courier/registered mail to the Case Processing Pilot – Ottawa Office.

To submit a temporary resident visa application from within Canada, please mail your application to:

CPP – Ottawa
P. O. Box 9640
Ottawa, ON, K1G 6T2


CPP – Ottawa
Temporary Resident Visa Section
365 Laurier Avenue West
Ottawa, ON K1A 1L1

 Important Notes:

  • We advise that you mail your application at least 30-60 days before your intended departure date from Canada.
  • If you are an international student and are travelling into the U.S. (you may need a U.S. visa to enter the United States), you need only a valid Study Permit to re-enter Canada. A valid TRV is not necessary for re-entry into Canada as long as your Study Permit is still valid. Please consult the official CIC policy before departure to ensure that you will not be delayed at the border.
  • Applicants for the Temporary Residence Visa are occasionally requested for an interview at the Visa Office where the application was processed. Your application will not proceed if you do not attend the requested interview. If you cancel a scheduled appointment, your TRV application will be withdrawn. If you do not attend an appointment and have not cancelled, your TRV application will be refused and a note of refusal will be placed in your immigration file.